Lunderman's west river (13 and 12-u team: We are FAMILY...I got all my sisters and me

Summer Lunderman’s West River (12 and 13-u squad) just got done with their final tournament of the season. Along the way, there were wins and losses, lessons learned, tears shed and new found friendships gained that will last a lifetime.

By Rich Winter

Borrowing a Facebook post from Philip resident, Jenny Terkildsen as her daughter, Drew, played the final game of this season with her Sacred Hoops teammates.

Drew’s last basketball game for the summer. 😔 She has gained so much confidence this summer, made new friends, and was lucky to have an AMAZING coach to help her grow as a player. We are now on our way to Minneapolis to watch Dilyn and her team play. Wish I could also watch Layton’s last tournament of the summer, but looking forward to a girls weekend!

And so, as these young ladies from the western part of the state head out to enjoy the final weeks of no school freedom, they do so with some new best friends.

So, here is a little video collage of these young ladies from their last two tournaments. Just for fun, scroll down a bit, hit play on Sister Sledge’s - “We are Family” and then click play on the girls’s video.

Just for a little reference to some of the younger folks out there…The Song, “We Are Family” was released by a group called Sister Sledge in the late 1970’s….In the fall of 1979 the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball team defeated the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series….The song, We Are Family, became a national sensation during that 1979 run by the Pirates..