Sometimes you just know: JET Jensen and Talan Haynes getting ready for tremendous careers

Jet Jensen and Talan Haynes looked impressive at Sacred Hoops Summer Jam…

By Rich Winter

One of my favorite teams to keep track of during the Sacred Hoops Summer Jam was Ted Standing Soldiers West River 12-U squad. To a man, these kids were scrappy and TUFF and when things got tight these soon-to-be Jr. High athletes looked like they had the mental makeup of kids that are going to do some damage across South Dakota in the next six years…Look out Class of 2025.

Jet Jensen (Belle Fourche) and Talen Haynes (Philip) are fun to watch!

Jet Jensen - Belle Fourche

Parents must have had an inkling this young man was going to be fast (naming him Jet) cuz this young man absolutely flew up and down the courts of Augustana during the Summer Jam. For a 12-year old this kid is exceptionally skilled with a basketball IQ that is off the charts.

A lot of 12-year olds have really just barely figured out how to handle the rock. Jensen has equally impressive handles with left and right hand, has a little hesitation dribble that allows him to get past people, and somewhere there is a cross-over in there that dropped a few jaws in Sioux Falls. Already a skilled driver, passer, mid-range jumper that has range to the 3-point line. Really excited to see this young man grow a bit in the next few years. A big game is already there and if he keeps working some tremendous things are ahead.

Talan Haynes - Philip

Across time and history, one of my favorite things to watch is young people playing sports that are scrappy.

Having a terrific motor, being competitive and getting to a loose ball by any means necessary are intangibles that every coach wants to have on his team.

Talan Haynes is a scrapper.

While Haynes doesn’t have the handles (yet) that Jensen has, he’s a young man that does all of those little things that coaches love: Tenacious defense, passes the ball, knows his shot and takes it in the rhythm of the offense. Haynes is capable of bringing the ball up the court, but equally as capable of setting a TUFF screen or finding an open teammate.

I can take one look at him as an 11-12 year old and tell he’s going to be one of those guys that is going to be well built in high school, simply based off genetics….Could be a tremendous football and basketball player for the Scotties for the next six seasons.

Standing Soldiers 12-U team at Augustana - More photos below

Team members: Jet Jensen, Aidyn Janis, RJ Antrim, Tace Berglund, Isaiah Brewer, Henry Koppman, Troy Catches, Jacoby Spotted Eagle, Tre White Wolf, Talan Haynes