Sunday spotlight: Amanda Carlow's All-Native, 11-U Sacred Hoops team knows how to play defense

By Rich Winter

One of the really interesting dynamics of Sacred Hoops basketball for me is that kids from the western part of the state are now getting the same opportunities as the kids in the eastern part of the state. It was very interesting to see the number of young ladies from the 2018 Amanda Carlow coached, All-Native 17-U team that were offered scholarships to play at the next level.

  • Katerri Weston ACL injury signed at Minnesota West

  • Maya Franks signed at Bethany Lutheran

  • MaShaya Alden signed at a Christian college in billings

  • Emonee Pourier signed at UTTC

  • Raven Cournoyer signed at Black Hills State

  • Haylee Quick Bear signed at Bacone College

  • (Marie Five played up on 17U last year. She is on 17U again this year. With lots of looks).

  • Hailey Lambert signed at Valley State College

So, what will kids, let’s say 11-year old girls look like after 7 summers of playing with Sacred Hoops?

Caught up to what I thought was a really interesting sequence of photos during one of the games Carlow’s All-Native 11-U team was playing during the recently completed Sacred Hoops Summer Jam in Sioux Falls. I guess I think of 11-year old girls as kind of ‘flopping around’ on the court, fouling a lot, missing a lot and not having any kind of organization to a defense.

I was wrong!

Check out this sequence of trapping photos on one possession from one of the games in Sioux Falls.

What was interesting about such a simple set of photos was the girls in blue flat-out set up the trap. They didn’t reach, they didn’t push. Late in the sequence you can see a player coming over playing help defense to take away any possible passing lanes…

The Whistle blew, 5-seconds was called and the All-Native, 11-U Sacred Hoops team got the ball back.

It is very interesting to see such young ladies playing organized basketball.

These girls know the game already, their skills are above most 11-year olds and they are in a pipeline that’s going to produce some WICKED girls basketball players.