Throwback Thursday: What kind of damage would Lincoln's Pat Dobratz done IF she was allowed to play high school basketball.

Former Sioux Falls Lincoln student, Pat Dobratz graduated from high-school in 1970….She missed out on being able to play high-school girls basketball by 5 years…No high-school and this woman kicked some serious BUTT at college and as a coach. (Photos courtesy of South Dakota High School Basketball Hall of Fame)

Still pretty fascinated that girls across South Dakota have ONLY been allowed to play basketball for 44 years. With the first state tournament for girls being held in 1975, there had to be a ton of girls in South Dakota that were a little pissed TITLE 1X didn’t come down a few years earlier.

One of the truly great South Dakota basketball legends that got ZERO ink for her high-school career was Sioux Falls Lincoln’s Pat Dobratz who graduated in 1970. She didn’t play high-school hoops and yet, somehow she got good enough to do some serious damage at the collegiate level.

So, Dobratz started college at South Dakota State University in 1971. That 1971 date coincides with the 1971 founding of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) - That entity was the new governing body of college women’s sports.

And then, she went to work.

Freshman season - 12.8 ppg

Sophomore season - 22.1 ppg

Junior season 19.3 ppg

Senior season 20.5 ppg

In each of her four seasons with the Jackrabbits, Dobratz led the team in scoring.

The Lady Jacks went 57-14 in those four years and Dobratz graduated in 1974 with 1,334 points, and an average of 18.8 ppg for her career.

Not getting her own shot in high school, Dobratz began coaching girls basketball in Watertown.

Three year record - 51-4, 1976 Class A state champions (Watertown)

  • Graduate assistant at Kansas State

  • 1980 - Interim Coach for the Washington Huskies.

  • 1981-1986 - Head coach for the Idaho Vandals

  • 1985 - Won Mtn. West Conference Championship, reached a ranking of No. 15, took the school to its first-ever NCAA tournament. Finished 28-2 and lost to Cheryl Miller’s National Champion USC Trojans in 1985

  • 1986 - 26-5, won WNIT National Tournament (defeated Fresno State, Notre Dame and Northwest Louisiana to win that National title.

    Eventually Dobratz left coaching while still in her mid 30’s and moved to Seatte where she was a swimming and water survival instructor.

    This gal was a pioneer of women’s basketball in South Dakota.

    Pat Dobratz, we salute you…