Ones to Watch: Miles and Marcus Harming from Elkton/Lake Benton

Pictured at left is Elkton/Lake Benton Jr. Marcus Harming….At right is Miles Harming, Mark Harming and Marcus Harming.

By Rich Winter

One of my favorite guys to watch this summer was Marcus Harming on Allan Bertram’s 16-U Sacred Hoops Squad. He’s listed as 5-foot-11 in the Max Preps Program…That’s a lie!

But, Harming is absolutely fearless when he attacks the rim, doesn’t back down from anyone, AND, plays like a guy that wants people to see him as 5-foot-11.

No worries there as this young man averaged 10 ppg and nearly 4 rpg as a sophomore.

But, before basketball gets going…The Harming brothers are looking to do some damage on the South Dakota cross-country circuit. Was able to meet the Harming brothers father, Mark, who coaches with the Sacred Hoops Basketball Program. He told me the Elkton/Lake Benton squads was young a year ago.

Really young, but, the squad managed to qualify for the state meet. They finished 17th as a team in the Class B ranks, but getting young fellas with experience on the big stage bodes well for the coming seasons.

Let’s check out some finishes from last year’s state meet.

57th - Miles Harming (as a freshman)

75th - Riley Hunter (as a freshman)

93rd - Cameron Lorden (as a freshman)

112th - Marcus Harming (as a sophomore)

113th - Danial Nelson (as a junior)

Everyone is back so look for Elkton/Lake Benton being a solid team this year with potential to do big things in the next few years….Quite impressed with that 57th by Miles Harming as a freshman…he may have podium aspirations this season.

Fall sports starts NOW!