Edgemont junior Caleb Simons is a talented, hidden gem in West River.

By Rich Winter

You can’t get much further south, and or west in South Dakota than the town of Edgemont. While most folks don’t know anything about the town, or the athletic programs, a junior by the name of Caleb Simons is about ready to let the state know what the Edgemont Moguls are all about.


Alright, so Caleb Simons first popped onto my radar last spring by catching some rare-air at a few track meets out west.

By the end of the season, a few more people became aware of this young man’s athletic prowess as he was 4th in the Class B long jump - 20’7” at the state track meet.

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Law

Alright, so digging around a little bit this am, found out a couple of things about Mr. Simons, who has been seeing action on the Edgemont basketball teams since 8th-grade.

8th-grade: Scored 29 points all season

Freshman: 15.3 points per game on 44 percent shooting from the field. He also averaged 5.1 rebounds per game.
Sometimes it is REALLY hard to get season stats on kids, especially kids that play a lot of their games against Nebraska and Wyoming competition.

All I know about Simons’ junior season is..

  • He scored 39 in the season opener against New Underwood

  • Second game: He followed that up Saturday with a 21-point, 10-rebound effort in a 59-51 loss to Wall.

So, if you look HARD enough, sometimes you can find video of kids on HUDL, check out what Simons is capable of doing on the football field…Keep in mind this was as a sophomore.

So, Edgemont wasn’t great last season, 1-7….

Simons, as the lefty QB showed flashes….6 TD passes

567 yards rushing, 7 TD’s…39 tackles

Looking forward to the Moguls taking the field this Friday, at home vs. New Underwood.