Keep an eye out for Red Cloud: Adriano Rama and Riyen Carlow

By Rich Winter

During one of the summer tournaments in Sioux Falls a young man kinda gave me the ‘hello’ head nod of recognition. I knew this young man but couldn’t put a name to the face. Was talking to Christian McGhee for a moment, turned around and tripped over this young man’s foot, stumbled and we both apologized to each other.

Still couldn’t place a name there, UNTIL, I saw him step on the floor, playing with Eldon Marshall’s 15-U squad. After watching this young buck pick up the offensive player at half court with great footwork, good positioning and a certain tenacity…Oh yeah, that’s Adriano Rama.

  • He’s been working out - Always find it interesting the difference that lifting weights makes for kids. From the picture on the left it is pretty easy to see that Rama is a strong, thick young man.

  • Fundamentally sound - Another thing that becomes apparent when watching Mr. Rama is he’s got a high basketball IQ, has worked on his fundamentals and is sound in all areas. During the games I was watching, Rama was playing on a 15-U team…(He normally plays on his dad’s 14-U Sacred Hoops team). Sometimes you can see a difference when a younger player plays with older kids….Not the case with Adriano Rama.

Can’t wait to see Riyen Carlow in the All-Nations Football Conference


A season ago Red Cloud was playing 11B football and Ale Rama to Riyen Carlow put up huge offensive numbers. Most of the season Carlow put up monstrous numbers as a receiver, but, he took some reps at QB.

The kid is fast, elusive, a competitor and fun to watch.

This season Red Cloud is in the All-Nations Football Conference….That means 9-man football and a schedule full of winnable games with some new opponents showing up on that schedule.