Sacred Hoops Fall League: Testimonials from athletes that used the 2018 fall league as a springboard to success

By Rich Winter

Sacred Hoops launched the first of its kind, Fall League in 2018 with nearly 200 athletes across the state participating in the events. With the 2nd-annual Fall League set to start in September, here are some thoughts from athletes that sharpened their skills and got better just before the season started.

As was the case in 2018, Sacred Hoops will be hosting fall leagues in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and Rapid City.

Alejandro Rama - Red Cloud (SDSM&T)


The fall leagues I personally thought were great. Being able to walk into a basketball gym full of the best players in the surrounding areas is something special. Participating in the fall league isn’t only surrounding you with other people that WANT to be there and WANT to get better but it also is a tool that you can use to sharpen every aspect of your game before the high school season starts.

Not only worth the money but also worth the time.

Bella Swedlund - Winner


I think it was really good for me to get some real live game action before heading into the high school season. You know like shooting and workouts are great and all but playing games here and there really can make a big difference, especially for me.

I would definitely do it over and over again bc it was a great experience and honestly told me like I need to work on this and that before the season starts or I need to shoot better here or get into better shape.

I really enjoy playing against kids in Sioux falls or east of the river bc it is a different style of playing then what you will see on our high school schedule.

But hey, I love the competition and different cultures because it makes it that much more fun and competitive!

Max Reede - Aberdeen Roncalli


Fall league kept me motivated!

Some of that fall workout stuff you tend to get a little tired of…the league helped me stay motivated and in that in-game kind of shape..

There were a lot of regional kids that played in the fall league…Some I hadn’t seen before and some I ended up playing against during the season. There were some kids I knew that got a lot better during the fall.

Jordan Heckert - Rapid City Central


This junior point-guard from Rapid City Central had a great summer and is looking forward to the Fall League to sharpen her skills before the season starts.

“The competition was really tough,” Heckert said. “Every week that I went I was pushed beyond what I expected.”

“It was interesting to play against some girls that I knew, but also, to see new and different competition,” Heckert said. “As a point-guard, I felt like the league sharpened my ball-handling and got my in-game mentality sharp before our regular season ever got started.”

Sam Palmer - Dell Rapid’s St. Mary’s


I chose to patriciate in 5 on 5 League last year to play against bigger and better competition to give me skills for the school season.

The league showed me the intensity I needed to be able to compete at the varsity level, as only one of a handful of Sophomores last year who got to play with the Juniors and Seniors, I realized the difference between JV and Varsity intensity.

The drill work the coaches put us trough every week before play was helpful in developing more skills to help with the fall as well. This year I will use 5 on 5 to improve my defensive intensity, improve my shot selection, and to get back into game mentality and physicality after spending two months in a cast this summer.

Trent Brokisieck - Brookings


It was really good...I felt the skill work playing 5-on-5 was helpful. We got up and down the court which helped me get in game shape and having live refs was huge.

The pre-game workouts helped with ball handling and getting fundamentals down.

There were so many good players in the Sioux Falls league last season and going up against college talented kids helped me get ready for the season.

The 2019 Fall-League starts in late September and runs through October. For More information, message us on the Sacred Hoops Facebook Page….More information about sign-up opportunities and Fall League dates will be coming out soon.