What it takes Wednesday: A Recovery meeting every week keeps folks on the right path

By Rich Winter

One of the things that came up during Saturday’s Sacred Hoops coaching summit was how can WE make South Dakota better. Within that framework came the question…

How come nobody in the South Dakota media talks about Drug & Alcohol addiction? The media talks about the after-affects of what someone did while drunk or high but they NEVER share success stories or even share suggestions on how family members can cope and deal with a loved one that is addicted.

Seriously, how many of us know someone or even have a loved one that is or has battled addiction?

When you start talking about drug & alcohol addiction and sit in a group of grown folks, everyone raises their hand because they know personally or know of someone that has battled addiction. If that is the case then why aren’t more people jumping in to talk about the subject?

We have an opioid crisis in South Dakota…In may places the meth is running rampant…And yet, most of the time we sit back, shrug it off and never actually talk about something that affects so many of us on an every day basis.

And so, today I wanted to share with people a card I read from during my weekly recovery meeting. I am a person in long-term-recovery and attend at least 1 meeting per week to focus on the little things, work on my self and keep my sobriety intact.

The meeting I attend is not churchy, it is not a 12-step program but it is something I look forward to every week….Everyone in attendance pulls a card, reads it and then we have open discussion on the topic.


Drug & Alcohol addictions are devastating. We always talk about the addict, but what about the family members of addicts…(Wish they had a handbook for that).

How do you deal with a loved one that is spiraling downward?

And so, Sacred Hoops as an organization is going to start talking about addiction…AND RECOVERY…