Sacred Hoops Football Player of the week: Sully Buttes QB, Nick Wittler

Watched every scoring play from last Sully Buttes’ 58-8 win over Potter County from last Friday. In watching, it becomes very clear that Mark Senftner’s squad is LOADED…Skill guys all over the field and a QB in Nick Wittler that makes it look easy.

  • Wittler to Jordan Schall TD - Wittler 2-point run

  • Wittler 48 yard pass to Thomas Farries (freshman) - Wittler pass to Grant Johnson (STUD)

  • Witter 35 pass to Grant Johnson

  • Wittler 32 run for TD

  • Wittler 49 yard run for TD

Sully Buttes spreads you out, goes heavy when they need to and through the first three games of the season the Chargers have been superb, outscoring Warner, Wall and Potter County 162-34.

The Chargers host undefeated Herried/Selby Area in a big game on Friday. Wittler played on Coach Jacob Sittig’s East-River 17-U Sacred Hoops team this summer.

Here is Wittler’s last score of the night, a 49-yard TD run (Check out the BLOCKS from Jett Lamb that spring the play) (Video courtesy of