What it takes Wednesday: Make every game count, you never know when it might be your last

By Rich Winter

Two years ago, Brady Sprik was coming off the summer of a lifetime. A great young baseball player, a superb looking freshman football player. A very bright and athletic future came to a screeching halt on a night, early October, 2017. Driving home from a volleyball game, Sprik was involved in an accident that nearly took his life.

For nearly two years the Sprik family has shared their journey with followers via social media. A lot of painful surgeries, some horrible dentist appointments and just tons of rehab for a junior that truly misses the sports he would have been playing, Brady Sprik doesn’t say a lot on his social media accounts but last week he uttered some truly remarkable prose that every high-school athlete should think about.


Sometimes we often wonder why do things happen? Often we never know the answer to that and never will but all we can do is hold trust in the man upstairs that he will lead us down the right path and show us the way that he wants us to take. As an athlete I never really realized how lucky I was to be out there playing and having fun.


I guess you can say I took advantage of it and I regret it. If there’s one thing I have learned it’s that you should always play your heart out because you never know when the game your playing will be your last or if it’ll be your last practice always push yourself to be the best you can and don’t take advantage of it. Although I truly do love playing sports I’ve come to realization that it probably won’t happen again. Which for me is fine because being on a team is about more then playing it’s about becoming a family and enjoying it even if you can’t play. It’s game day boys let’s go out there and show them who we are and what we can do!😤🔥 #gameday🏈.

Brady Cover.jpg

Here is a link to a story Sacred Hoops wrote just over a year ago that goes into more depth about Mr. Sprik’s injury and his continued recovery!


Brady and his Black Panther buddies host Kimball/White Lake in what should be a dandy of a ballgame this Friday.