All-Nations Preview: Cheyenne Eagle-Butte ready to hit the ground ROLLING!

Pictured at left is Andre Ebberhard, starting center for CEB, and his buddy, Ashten Ganje, the starting QB. CEB opens their season at home vs. Crazy Horse on Friday.

By Rich Winter

When it came time to decide if Cheyenne Eagle Butte was going to join the new All-Nations Football Conference the coaches got together and asked the kids. Head Coach Michael Scott let his offensive coordinator, Larry Elwess do the, one day in his Social Studies class he flat out asked the kids if more of them would go out for football if they joined the All-Nations Conference.

Every arm in the classroom went up and then and there CEB became a member of the 12-team league that kicks things off against Crazy Horse on Friday.

“If we can get more kids out for football then that outweighs any negative aspects,” Michael Scott, CEB coach said. “We’ve had some guys come out this year that hadn’t gone out previously.”

And so, after Labor Day and after Fair & Wacipi activities, Scott was already chomping on the bit for Friday’s game and a chance to get on the field.

“We are sitting at about 30 kids,” Scott said. “With all of the stuff going on the biggest thing has just been keeping the kids focused.”

Two players Scott hasn’t had to worry about focus this preseason is starting QB, Ashten Ganje and starting center Andre Eberhard. CEB keeps track of their athletes off-season football progress by assigning points for things like going out for another sport, lifting weights or attending off-season conditioning programs.

Eberhard has the most points accumulated, Ganje was right behind.

“Ashten put in a lot of work and he’s looking real strong,” Scott said.

Eberhard, a non-starter a year ago has bulked up and done everything to get ready for this season.

“Last year was his first year and it was a real learning year,” Scott said. “He set goals of being a bigger contributor and he’s turned himself into a starter and a team captain.”

Young calls his stable of RB’s as having some experience and some youth. Kyler Red Dog and Leon Brown Otter have been getting touches but Scott says freshman Wiley Smith has also looked good in camp.

Scott says both the offensive and defensive lines are big and strong. He cautions folks to keep an eye on right-guard Reuben Tavai Fiatoa, a big TUFF lineman following in the footsteps of some all-state caliber offensive lineman CEB always seems to produce.

Scott feels like CEB should be equally adept at the run and pass and lists Max Lawrence and Peydon Peterson as the primary receiving threats for the Braves. While Scott, nor any of his coaches have played 9-man football, the kids spent the summer learning 9-man is fairly similar to 11-man, just minus a couple of guys.

“Make no mistake about it our boys are excited and have some big dreams but we remind them is it one practice and one game at a time,” Scott said. “We tell the guys there isn’t a team in this conference that can beat us, but everyone in the league is capable of beating us so the biggest thing is just staying focused.”

Thanks for the article. One heads up Lance Eagle Staff is a Junior High Coach. Larry Elwess is our returning Offensive Coordinator

Ill fix bad.. .on the roaf for st. Francis volleyball

It's all good, appreciate the work you do

TUE 5:25 PMSo that story was my OC Larry Elwess is who asked the class.TUE 8:47 PMHe's a Social Studies teacher and he mentioned it in his classroom and kids who weren't out for football raised said they'd go out.

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WR's....Both...QB strong arm...good line, good rb/s

Max Lawrence – X receiver...played last 2-3 years

slot Peyton Pederson

I'm quite satisfied with our defense....LB and line...DB's are stepping up, going to be exciting.....lotta uys have put in the work so its very exciting.