All Nations Preview: Lower Brule ready for challenge of No. 1 ranked Red Cloud

The Lower Brule Sioux are set to begin play in the All-Nations Football Conference when they host No. 1 ranked Red Cloud. (Photo on the right is courtesy of Lower Brule Media Dept.)

By Rich Winter

Having begun practice in Mid August, and having watched other teams in South Dakota play, Zeke Prado’s Lower Brule Sioux are chomping at the bit for some game action. Still, with two days to go until that kickoff, Prado is keeping thing real and staying with a one step at a time mentality.

“We’ve watched Chamberlain and watched Bennett County at Todd County so the guys are fired up,” Prado said. “The boys ultimately understand they have to practice well, watch film and improve our tempo over the next few days.”

Earlier this week Prado unleashed the Turnover Chain - It is an item that is on a laniard with a Lower Brule logo on it. Every time Lower Brule gets a turnover, expect some NOIZE from the Brule boys.

“Every time they get a turnover the guys are going to be rocking it,” Prado said. “We unleashed it in practice this week and the guys have bought into it.”

Prado was one of the guys that really spearheaded the All-Nations Conference. Now that the conference is in place, he’s already seeing some benefits to his squad. He notes an additional five players out for football that normally wouldn’t be.

“We’ve always had a few guys thinking they are just basketball players but now they’re realizing they are athletes,” he said. “We have about 20 players, some other teams might have 30 but we’re going to put our nine best guys out there and get after it.”

While the Sioux have some talented skill position guys Prado knows games will be won and lost in the trenches.


“Our strength is our offensive and defensive lines” Prado said. “Tjay and Trey’von Head, Mason Jandreau, Denver Crane and several other guys…They understand their roles and they know what’s going on.”

Last night we featured Lower Brule QB, Scott Obago. The cross-country runner/QB is back for a second year of starting under center.

Behind him is a backfield that might be the best in the All-Nations Conference.

“We’ve got Jate LaRoche, Mykael Loera Prado and Isaac Hawk in the backfield,” Prado said.

Hawk is a 5-foot-6, 225 lb. bruiser while Loera Prado placed in the Class B 100-meter dash last spring.

One of the guys at WR that Prado said is poised for a big season is 6-foot-1, 200 lb. senior, Eli Battese.

“He’s big and he’s fast,” Prado said.

Big game on Saturday in Lower Brule as the Sioux host the No. 1 rated Red Cloud Crusaders.

Wanted to give a little shout-out to my man Mason Jandreau…The senior horribly broke his leg as a sophomore and was told he’d never play football again…Well, after a long and tough journey, Jandreau is back for his senior year…AND FIRED UP ABOUT IT!