Sunday Spotlight: Sunshine Bible Academy State Champion Medley Relay TEAM!


Dylan Hass, Willie Anderson, Travis Hass, Jade Burma, Jace Burma (not in order) combined to help Sunshine Bible Academy win a well-deserved Class B state medley relay championship.

By Rich Winter

One of the really terrific event winners from last weekend’s state track meet was that of the Sunshine Bible Academy Medley Relay team. The fellas cruised to the Class B state title, winning the event in 3:45.05, four seconds ahead of a Thaniel Schroeder anchored Freeman Academy/Marion squad.

While winning the state title was terrific, there is a lot more going on there than JUST a state title.

Let’s venture back to the 2017 state track meet where then sophomores Willie Anderson, Travis Hass and Jace Burma along with then junior Chris Hass finished 3rd in this event.

2018 State track meet - Class B Medley Relay

  1. Wall: 3:44.83

2. Sunshine Bible Academy 3:44.89

2019 Howard Wood Dakota Relays:

  1. Timber Lake 3:44.40

  2. Sunshine Bible Academy 3:44.42

2nd place finishes at the 2018 state meet by (.06) and a 2nd place in the Howard Wood medley (.02) would have a lot of us feeling bitter and angry and mad at the world.

Here is what Sunshine Bible Academy senior and Medley anchor, Jace Burma has to say after re-posting a video of that Howard Wood Medley on his ‘Facebook’ page.

Our medley relay at the Howard Wood Dakota relays! A lot of respect for the boys from Timber Lake. Thank you for the video @sacredhoops - Jace Burma

And so, with a couple of near misses in their tool-bag the Sunshine Bible guys gathered for one more run at this Medley title.

Sunshine Bible finished 4th in Friday’s 4x800…

On day one in the medley qualifying 8th-grader Dylan Hass, junior Jade Burma and seniors Willie Anderson and Travis Hass qualified the team with a time of 3:48.

Moments later, Jace Burma finished 4th in the 800 meters: 2:01.

So, on Saturday, three of the guys that were on that third-place 2017 team (Willie Anderson, Travis Hass and Jace Burma) combined with 8th-grader Dylan Hass to run that 3:45.05 and finally bring home that State Championship trophy these guys have worked so hard for.

Well done fellas!!

Young GUNZ ready to contend for Class A DISTANCE supremacy

Pictured from left to right: Thad Allen (Todd County), David Tuttle (Pine Ridge), Belle Fourche’s Sawyer Clarkson and Jason Bohl (Garretson) - Photos by Kernit Grimshaw

By Rich Winter

Originally meant to write a little ditty about two Region 7A freshman Thad Allen (Todd County) and David Tuttle (Pine Ridge). Both are tremendous young runners with a ton of potential.

But, after glancing at the results of the Class A boys 3200 meters, was quite frankly astonished by the number of young and quality distance phenoms that are on the rise.

1 Atwood, Alec (12) Beresford 9:55.10

2 Wulf, Camden (12) Lennox 9:55.34

3 Oesterling, Jace (11) Custer 10:09.57

Couple notes about the top-3 in this race. Atwood has quite the kick and he and Wulf, along with West Central’s Braden Peters are all headed to USD next fall.

Custer junior Jace Osterling stamped himself as next fall’s Class A cross-country champ with terrific performances in the 3200 and 1600.

From there, let’s check the young fellas, 8th or 9th graders that were in this race.

Milbank freshman, Nick Batchelor was 4th with a time of 10:19..Doubled back in the 1600 with a 7th place finish and a superb freshman time of 4:38!


Rapid City Christian 8th-grader, Simeon Burnbaun was 9th….10:26.

Custer 9th-grader Preston Drew was 11th, 10:37

Garreston 8th-grader Preston Bohl was 14th, 10:45. His dad, Jason Bohl is the distance coach for the Blue Dragons, AND, he once ran a 9:37 (ish) 3200 meters while competing for HOVEN.

Belle Fourche 8th-grader, Sawyer Clarkson was 16th with a time of 10:50.

If you look at the full-results:

11 of the 25 runners that competed in the Class A 3200 meters were either 8th or 9th graders…WHEEEOOW!!

Region 7A 9th graders, Allen and Tuttle will be worth watching


With all of the flooding near Pine Ridge and a ton of track meets that were washed out, Pine Ridge freshman David Tuttle just kept getting better. Started in the mid 12’s, ended up in 17th place at the state meet with a time of 10:54.69.

Kid has some talent and thinking if he has a good summer, podium at next fall’s state cross country meet could be in the cards.

Finally, Todd County freshman, Thad Allen had a quality state meet.

On Friday, Allen unleashed a mammoth kick on the anchor leg of the Falcons Medley relay team. The Falcons won their heat and advanced to the finals where they finished 5th.

About 35 minutes after that Medley 800, Allen took to the track and ran an 11:01 (that is very hard to do, even for upper-classmen)

On Saturday, Allen finished 13th in the 1600 meters with a lifetime best of 4:53.

Former Belle Fourche standout Shayla Howell qualifies for NCAA Track & Field Championships

Former Belle Fourche track & Field standout Shayla Howell and the Wyoming Cowboys 4x100 will be heading to the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Austin Texas.

Just kinda wanted to drop a little note this evening to tell folks about an outstanding accomplishment from a former prep standout in South Dakota. Wyoming freshman, Shayla Howell and her teammates: Jerayah Davis, Ja’la Henderson and Jordan Edmonds combined to run a 44.69 in the 4x100 relay to qualify for the national meet.

Just to give folks a little perspective on that time (44.69) - Brandon Valley won the Class AA 4x100 over the weekend with a time of (48.38)

Caelyn Valandra Prue: Proud, strong, beautiful....Lakota!

At left, Caelyn Valandra Prue wearing a ‘plume’ during the South Dakota State track meet. At right, Valandra-Prue edges Chester Area’s MaKenna Larson for the Class B 100 meter state title.

By Rich Winter

At the beginning of the state track meet Friday in Sioux Falls, meet officials came over to investigate the plume that was tethered in Caelyn Valandra Prue’s hair.

“One ref said, ‘I have no idea why you’d even wanna wear that’” Valandra Prue said Friday.

Her reply to the official was, “Why not because it is who I am and what I’m representing.”

The personal statement was allowed, and so following the initial inspection, CVP went out and kicked some butt.

On Friday, she ran the 100 prelims and the 400 prelims…And then, for only the fourth time in her illustrious track career, she ran the open 800 final. Sitting in third, she contemplated settling, but, settling is not in her nature and she took off, burying the field with a lifetime best of 2:21

1 - CVP - 2:21.93

2 Josie Olson - (Duebrook Area) 2:22.64

CVP went into the meet attempting to win four events. The 100, 200, 400 and 800. One problem with that schedule is the girls 200 meters is right after the 800. Another issue was that CVP was in the first heat of the 200 prelims.

Seven minutes after she won the 800 meter state title, CVP settled into the blocks for the 200 prelims.

Undaunted by her fatigue, undeterred by legs still screaming at her from the 800, CVP still won her heat and made Saturday’s finals.

On Saturday morning, CVP settled into the blocks for the 100 meter final. Trailing Chester Area’s Makenna Larson at the 50-meter mark, the White River sophomore dug down, lunged at the line for what looked like a win. Both runners were credited with a 12.39, but after looking more closely, it was determined that CVP ran 12.382…Larson a 12.387….

5/1000th of a second…(.005) separated the pair.

400 meters: Having won the Class A 400 meters each of the last two seasons, CVP finished second to New Underwood sophomore Cerington Jones, by .02

400 meter final

1 Jones, Cerington (10) New Underwood 58.31

2 Valandra-Prue, Caelyn (10), White River 58.33

About an hour later she settled into the blocks for the final of the 200 meters. Trailing a good share of the race, CVP found another gear and rocketed to the finish to edge Chester Area’s Larson.

  1. CVP - 25.6

  2. Makenna Larson - 25.64

Three state titles and a runner-up finish in the 400, CVP talked about the state meet, her friend Tonya Whirlwind Soldier and what the plume in her hair meant to her.

Some thoughts from the Prue family as to what this plume means to CVP and the family.


It works together because Caelyn understands herself and where she comes from. And, being proud of that the plume is about wearing it because she has earned it. She has achieved a certain level of tasks and it carries a history of her nation and understanding who her family is and where she comes from and who we are.

She wore it that day because she set a goal for herself that day she wore it with pride it wasn’t about boasting it was about achieving a goal and reminding herself and her people what she is working toward. She wanted to share what she is proud of to everyone who was watching and supporting her.

It shows Caelyns honesty of who she is and her pride of being Lakota. She is not afraid to step on the track of people who question it, or those who show ignorance, but to educate those around her who don’t understand what it takes to show leadership as a young Lakota athlete who is daring to accomplish more.


CVP was named the outstanding Class B track athlete.

As the only White River girl competing in the state meet, CVP racked up 38 points to finish in fourth place as a TEAM.

All season long, CVP dedicated her seasons to former TC coach, Tonya Whirlwind Soldier who lost her battle with cancer last fall.

“Seeing her win that like we planned all year, and her saying she wanted to do it for Tonya means the world!! Her placing 4th as a team made me think about her drive and her personal definition of team “(T)onya (E)xists (A)round (M)e”

Tri Valley's Caden Lamer (5X state wrestling champ) hunting hurdles titles at state track

Tri Valley’s Caden Lamer will close out a brilliant Tri-Valley career, competing in the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles.

By Rich Winter

One of the kinda fun stories to follow at this weekend’s state track meet will be the exploits of Tri-Valley senior, Caden Lamer.

What a career this young man delivered for the Mustangs.

  • 5X state wrestling champion

  • Tri-Valley was 1-8 in football this year (Don’t know anything about Lamer’s football exploits other than he was 5-foot-8 and 145 lbs.) Guessing a guy that can take down ANYONE on the wrestling mat was probably a pretty decent.

So, we will not be seeing to many 5-foot-8 guys running the hurdles this weekend.

Lamer isn’t most guys!

After finishing 3rd in the 110 hurdles as a sophomore, Lamer was 5th last year over the 110’s and 2nd in the 300 hurdles.

Heading into the state meet, THIS WRESTLER, fella has the top times in both of these events.

110 meter hurdles:

1, Lamer, Caden 15.22 Tri-Valley

2.Doeden, Jonathan 15.24 Groton Area

2.Poppen, Cade 15.24 Hamlin

4.Heesch, Noah 15.25 Bon Homme

5.Huber, Grant 15.30 St. Thomas More

6.Harrison, Emmanuel 15.32 SF Christian

7.Walker, Mitchell 15.41 SF Christian

(We have a load of talented runners that are close in this event…prelims are going to be amazing)

300 meter hurdles:

300m Hurdles - 42.19

1.Lamer, Caden 39.90 Tri-Valley

2.Harrison, Emmanuel 40.20 SF Christian

3.Huber, Grant 41.02 St. Thomas More

4.Heesch, Noah 41.26 Bon Homme

So, we’ll be keeping an eye on Mr. Lamer this weekend, along with a ton of other kids doing great things in Field and Track this weekend.

Shout out for two of South Central South Dakota's finest: Ella Byers and Alexis Richey

At left is Chamberlain senior Ella Byers who will not be competing in the 2019 South Dakota State track meet. Center, and far right is Winner senior Alexis Paige Richey who will also not be competing in this weekend’s big event.

By Rich Winter

Earlier this spring we got a brief look at Chamberlain senior, Ella Byers. After having some foot issues this spring, Byers was in a walking boot most of April. Seems like she ran on a relay at Howard Wood and then at the SESD conference meet. Reached out to Ella’s mother, Amy last week to ask how Ella was doing…and the verdict came back that Chamberlain and Byers shut it down for the season and get ready for a promising career at the University of South Dakota.

Byers has been on the map for a long time, winning two, state cross-country titles. Wanted to mention one of Ella’s all-time great races, the 800 meters at the state track meet in 2017.

A lot of people remember that in the 2017 state meet, Class A 800 meters, Custer’s Tori Glazier held off Haleigh Timmer of St. Thomas More….Just behind them was Byers, who cruised in with a school-record and Class A elite, 2:15…

What I find interesting about that race and that time is that Byers is a distance runner, but for that season, when she was healthy, she flirted with some of the best A 800 meter runners in state history.

Thought it was terrific that Byers was able to summon a fall of health and pick up that second STATE A TITLE in cross country.

There was a time when there wasn’t much of a track team for the Chamberlain girls. Over the years we’ve seen more girls out and competing at a high level. Senior Avany Long is headed to Dakota State for track next fall and has the 2nd-best long jump in all of the Class A ranks.

Despite having a high-school career filled with injuries, Byers has really lit the torch for running and cross-country running at Chamberlain and in surrounding areas. She’s competed with a smile on her face and just been such a force for so long. That torch looks to be carried on by 8th-grader Allison Hough who is having a magnificent outdoor campaign,

5:22 in the 1600

11:43 in the 3200

Feel like 7th-grader Kinsy Evans is next in line….

Great job Ella, with you nothing but success and health in your future.

Alexis Richey had a TUFF senior year but she’s paved the way for a Lady Warrior dynasty.

Saw a brief Facebook post last week from Winner’s Nicole Richey. She posted a picture of her daughter Alexis, noting they had been collecting (numbers) from her trips to the state track meet. They had collected five of them (7th-11th) but this year, she didn’t make it.

Wanted to take you back to September 15 at the Big Dakota Volleyball championships.

Winner won set one 25-23…

And then, Richey went down with a knee injury.

Such a good volleyball player and the emotional back-bone of that team, Richey had to sit the rest of the year. But, like any champ in that situation does, she sucked it up and remained part of that team and was there when the played in the state tournament. In her stead, Maggie LaCompte played well, then had a break-out basketball season.

There is WAVE of talented ladies going through Winner right now. Coaches Jamie Keiser and Larry Aaker are both going to be contending for state titles next year.

Still injured, Richey couldn’t play basketball this year.

The Warriors went undefeated and won the state title. Richey was also a big part of that team and set a pretty solid example for the ladies in Winner by remaining cemented to her team and her true colors.

Betsy Watzel informs me Richey will be attending the University of Nebraska next fall and will pursue a degree in the Forensic Sciences. Nothing but love for Richey and wish her the best!

State Track Meet: (69) Sacred Hoops players competing on the big stage

At left, Red Cloud’s Jade Ecoffey will be competing in several events for the Crusaders: White River’s Caelyn Valandra-Prue ready to tear (STUFF) up; Clark Willow Lake senior Jacob Prouty (Bulldozer per Jordan Long) will be a contender in the open 800 and the CWL 3200 meter relay; Scotland’s Isabella Vitek will be looking for medals in the Class B shot put and discus.

By Rich Winter

Such a dreary week with the rain and cold in South Dakota…Looking ahead the National Weather Service promises better weather on Thursday, little breezy on Friday and near perfect and sunny on Saturday.

Let the games begin.

At any rate, just kinda wanted to just toss out some numbers on our Sacred Hoops athletes participating in this weekend’s state meet.

Girls - 28 - Boys = 41

AA Girls = 2, A Girls = 15, B Girls = 11

AA Boys = 5, A Boys = 15, B Boys = 21


Will be keeping an eye on Kimball/White-Lake big guy Justin Becker….

Becker plays on our East River 17-U Sacred Hoops squad.

He’s a heck of a football player, and has qualified for the state track meet in the shot put and discus.

Taylor Byerly takes down one of Carla Allard’s track records at Bennett County


Hope everyone remembers Carla Allard (Watson) the 1987 graduate from Bennett County.

Scored over 2900 points and was a HELL of a track athlete. Many of her records from 200 meters through 1600 meters and a ton of relay records still stand.

But, last week, Bennett County 8th-grader cranked out a 5:28 1600 meters to break Allard’s 33 year old 5:35.4 from 1986.

Where will Karol Patterson STASH, Cash Wilson - Wall girls and boys are Region Champs

Wall’s Karol Patterson, and her staff, helped Coach the Wall Girls and Boys to Region 7B champs. One of her athletes, Wall’s Cash Wilson is qualified in the 100, 200, 400, 400 relay, 800 relay and Medley Relay and MILE RELAY…He can only run four events at the state meet..Which 4 will they be? (Most of these photos are courtesy of Bonnie Law).

First of all a big shout-out to the Wall track coaches: Karol PattersonAsst. Coaches:Stacy Hess, Ashley Kier, Dave Ermish. Both the boys and girls teams won region titles last week. The girls team is sending a number of state qualifiers, AND, the track was littered with young folks that are likely to make this program one to contend with in the next few seasons.

Some of the Wall girls results:

100 M -

4 Searra-Sioux Deuts 8 Wall 13.81

5. Nora Dinger 7 Wall 14.12

400 meters:

 3 Paige Kjerstad       7 Wall                   1:05.79                    6   
  4 Keaunna Poor Bear    9 Wall                   1:10.26 

800 meters:

  2 Keaunna Poor Bear    9 Wall                   2:46.61     

7th grader Alexis Watson qualified in the 1600 and 3200 meters.

Wall won the 400 and 800 relays at regions and will be going to state

4x800 relay is going to state

Buch of shot put and discus girls to state

9th Grader Ava Dinger won the triple jump and was third in the long jump (15’8”)


All season long, the boys team from Wall has been aiming for a state track title. They were close a year ago, and now, a year later they are hunting for BEAR….

Wilson is ranked 6th in the 100 meters and 4th in the 200 meters…He has the top time in the 400 meters (49.68
Check out where the Wall relays are ranked:

400m Relay - 45.95

1.Wall 44.71 

2.Viborg-Hurley 44.80

800m Relay - 1:35.66

1.Viborg-Hurley 1:32.84 


Medley Relay - 3:52.65

1.Timber Lake3:44.40 

2.Sunshine Bible Academy3:44.42 

(Do not know why Wall wasn’t in the fast heat at Howard Wood, BUT, they weren’t…Put Timber Lake and Sunshine Bible Academy and Wilson anchoring with the 800….we could see fireworks).

The think that makes Wall so dangerous coming into the state meet is they have a nice mix of sprinters that can interchange in those relays.

They’ve also got hurdlers: THEE hurdler


Wall junior Andrew Law has the fastest 110 meter hurdle time this season at 15.18…He is the No. 3 ranked 300 meter hurdler in the B ranks (41.49), BUT, he’s the defending state champ in those 300 hurdles…Big points coming from a guy who loves track.


Believe this is Tack Tines from Wall (Let me know if I’m wrong) but the sophomore has the 4th best long jump in the B ranks - 21’4”

He also has the 11th ranked triple jump so far this season.

Placed in the triple jump and 200 meters as a freshman one year ago.


And, senior Jacob Bielmaier has the 6th best high jump in the B ranks….6-feet…He’s been very steady and consistent at that height this year…If he can get 6-foot-1 or 6-foot-2 Wall could be getting a big boost from a guy that hasn’t done track his entire career.

Really nice to see some of that strength and conditioning in Wall paying off at the highest levels. Good luck to all of the Eagle athletes, fans, coaches and parents. Check out the kids from Wall headed to state.