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Athlete of Character Award nominee: White River junior Miaken Adrian stands out in a crowd


(Over the next few days, Sacred Hoops will be featuring each of the South Dakota athletes that have been nominated for the Sacred Hoops Athlete of Character Award….The girls winner will be announced Monday, the boys winner on Tuesday. These awards will be presented the Friday of Lakota Nation, just before Grand Entry).

When asked for letters of recommendation for Miaken Adrian as an Athlete of Character, it didn’t take much twisting of the arm for her peers, teachers and community to say good things.

Maiken is very active in her community, church, and school. She volunteers for many local events, from concession stand rodeo events, to being the HS Tiger Mascot, all the while working closely with the youth in White River. She helps in hosting local Halloween events, cheerleading camps for the youth, basketball and volleyball camps for our youth, and will read with our elementary students throughout the school year. The young people of our community know Maiken by name and know she is a safe person they can look up to and trust. Maiken takes these roles very seriously and understands how important being a good role model is. Maiken is involved locally with our anti-Tobacco and anti-Alcohol coalitions. She also does not drink alcohol or smoke any kinds of tobacco. Maiken is a serious student that demonstrates what a student/athlete looks like and is.


Letter of recommendation for Miaken Adrian:

I have been Miaken’s teacher for the past 5 years. She has been a member of my band since the 6th grade. I have watched her develop and mature over the years. She has grown as a musicia

Miaken is a very organized and strong leader. I watched her take on the role of class president and lead her class. Miaken is also a member of my drama group.

Miaken is also the Tiger mascot for the White River cheer team. She is also a member of 7Teen. She has a great way of announcing football games that is very entertaining.

I have enjoyed watching Miaken grow and mature into the person she is now. Stacy Twite, 5-12 band and vocal instructor, White River, SD

I strive to make a positive impact on my community and my school in everything I do. I want to also put my best foot forward and help in any way I can. I don’t do all these events to get credited, I do all these events because it makes me happy to make other people happy. And in the end, putting a smile on the face of someone else is more rewarding then getting any recognition. I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love my school and my community. Thank you.


Miaken Adrian


Hank Taken Alive's McLaughlin Mustangs look like a dangerous #5 seed for Lakota Nation

By Rich Winter

It is always so interesting to get a look at the McLaughlin Mustangs at the Lakota Nation Invitational. I feel like they are that team up north, kinda off the radar that always seems to be lurking…I think we all remember that 74-72 quarterfinal win over Red Cloud in 2017…

McLaughlin finished the 2017/2018 campaign at 13-7 but they got it going late in the year six straight wins…By the post-season they were toughened up enough to give state bound Crow Creek a fight…

You see Hank Taken Alive’s boys seeded No. 5 at Lakota Nation and right away I say, hmmm, who is No. 4….Well, if McLaughlin takes care of Omaha Nation and Little Wound gets by St. Francis, Lakota Nation could have a dandy, second-day quarterfinal matchup.

Lotta seniors to replace (Donovan Two Lance, William Brown Otter, Braxton Little Dog, Michael Archambault, Adam Palanuik and Dorian White)

Looking for Lex Farrell, Jadyn Carry Moccasin, Alex One Horn to take on bigger roles…

Couple names I’ve come to appreciate in my 14 straight years attending Lakota Nation..

Brown Otter and Taken Alive…

Brown Otter, only a junior is 6-foot-2 and a handful…

Taken Alive 6-foot-4 and a bigger handful.

Not sure what to expect from Donna Taken Alive’s Lady Mustangs but they sure will miss
Tiara Flying Horse who is averaging 3.3 ppg at Bismarck State after a superb all-state campaign a year ago. There was a lot of youth on Taken Alive’s team a year ago but somehow those Lady Mustangs are always sneaky good…first-round game as No. 10 seed against Lyle LeBeaux’s Lady Mustangs…

Sacred Hoops Lakota Nation artistic/LOGO competition....$100 and ur logo to be printed on Lakota Nation Sacred Hoops shirts

By Rich Winter

Alright, so the countdown is officially on for the 2018 Lakota Nation Invitational which begins in Rapid City on Wednesday, December 12. Such an incredible event with Native youth from across the Dakotas throwing down in a number of competitions.

We at Sacred Hoops are looking for our next logo and we would like to announce a Lakota Nation logo contest to help design out next featured logo.

The particulars:

Artists: Items submitted for the contest must be received on or by Tuesday, December 4, 2018. The design can be made on any surface and or template, but must be scannable so it may be transferred to t-shirts for printing.

(Please submit through our Sacred Hoops Facebook Page or by emailing

All ages welcome to design a logo with some kind of Sacred Hoops theme included…

Winnings: $100 cash to the high-school youth whose design is deemed as the winner…

  • The logo selected by the Sacred Hoops team will be printed on Sacred Hoops shirts that will be sold at Lakota Nation.

  • The name of that winning artist will also appear on all of the shirts featuring this logo.

    Good luck and we cannot wait to see what folks come up with…

Lakota Nation Fall Ball - Fun getting to see some of our Sacred Hoops athletes in action

One of the really great things about this first-summer with Sacred Hoops was seeing friendships develop before our eyes. Girls from competing schools, who have been trying to best each other, came together worked their tails off and got better.

When Tuffy Morrison got to the Civic Center he received a big-time welcome from all the girls he had worked with this summer. All but three were at Lakota Nation competing in fall sports as you can see from the picture above.

Fun seeing those friendships reconnect as the fall Lakota Nation went down in spectacular fashion….

Ok, can’t proceed without showing you the ‘Dig’ from Lyle LeBeaux’s All-Native 16-U player, Taysha Big Crow….

Check it out man…Doesn’t even flinch.


Visited with Taysha’s mother, Waysha White Face who had this to say about her anticipation for basketball to get here: She is a Jr this year and I’m pretty excited for her season coming up.... Can’t wait for her to use her new fundamentals she learned from all the traveling with16u this summer

Reese Ganje was out running cross-country and CEB looks like a very dangerous No. 5 SEED

Had fun watching CEB in the volleyball tournament. One of the players that really caught my attention was Cooper Marshall…Every time I looked up that girl was throwing down a kill. And so, as I’m watching the cross-country race I hear someone yell, ‘Let’s go Reese’, which could only mean Reese Ganje who also played on Lyle LeBeaux’s 16-U squad. While Ganje wasn’t up contending for medals, she was grinding, working on her conditioning and getting ready for what could be a big-time year for CEB.

Check out the big-time KICK from Todd County junior and Christian McGhee pupil from the West-River 16-u squad, Jacob Wike. (One of the reason we mention Jacob is he’s a scrapper, a guy who think defense first, score second and do whatever it takes (and you can see that from his finish) to help his team win.

Oh there is some fight in some of these young ladies that play sports in South Dakota

Jade Ecoffey - Red Cloud - Young lady is a fighter and one of the best runners in all of Class A and someone who will be making an impact on Matt Rama’s Lady Crusaders over the next five years.

Kelsey Herman - Todd County - This young lady drew a lot of admiration from the Sacred Hoops staff, her fellow teammates and even parents. As Tuff as they come, Kelsie talked after her cross country race and you can tell she is chomping at the bit for basketball season to start.

Raven Cournoyer - Todd County - Cournoyer led the Falcons with 57 kills at the Lakota Nation tournament. Raven has always been a competitor but now she’s an intense competitor who gets after it….Can’t wait to see her play this fall.

OMG what a tournament for White River

Ok, so I do a little checking on White River just to see how things are going up there….I knew coming into the tournament that White River was 3-12…

First thing I saw at LNI was White River just SCRAPPING with eventual champion Hill City. First game, Hill City 31 White River 29…second game, Rangers 25-11.

After the Lady Tigers beat Crazy Horse I sat, kinda stunned that White River took it to Todd County 25-16 and 25-17. The thing was is White River was serving the heck out of the volleyball. Low, flat, hard to return. In addition, the passing was on, the girls were running fake hitting attacks and really looking like a well oiled machine.

Visited with coach Skye Tucker for a bit and this Lady Tiger team has had a wealth of injuries. Suddenly everyone is healthy and suddenly White River won six-of-eight LNI games and finished in 4th place…Well done.

Shout out to the Lakota Nation Board for putting on another classic Fall Lakota Nation Invite


This was the 24th annual Lakota Nation Invitational volleyball tournament. For each of those 24 years, St. Francis Indian School, Elementary Principal, Dani Walking Eagle and the staff from St. Francis Indian School have thrown together a terrific, well organized and superbly run event.

Was a pleasure for Sacred Hoops to meet with you over the weekend and we eagerly await the start of one of the truly great South Dakota events in just a few months.

Chieftains playing for Passion, Pride and a fallen teammate, JBoog

By Rich Winter

Over the years the Crow Creek and St. Francis football game has turned into quite a rivalry. Over the years these two teams have had quite a battle. There have been some electric moments with teams breaking long losing streaks and other games that meant so much to the young men that played because there have been years where this was THEE game of the year.

2018 is no different as 0-5 St. Francis takes on 1-4 Chieftains Friday at 7:00 p.m. in Stephan.

Wanted to give a little shout-out to the Crow Creek boys who lost one of their teammates this summer

Brad Edenburn after Crow Creek got their first win of the season, 66-14 over Standing Rock:
Fun game to be apart of tonight. Winning 66-14 isn't always as easy as it seems for a coach. Getting everyone in and keeping the rest of the team fresh isn't always easy. Tonight a lot of guys got playing time and a lot of smiles on faces as they left the field.

Tonight was a bitter sweet night though. This summer our team lost a brother. We played to honor Shields Justice J'von. The boys played good tonight JBOOG!

Have gotten to know the Crow Creek community a bit over the last few years. Wanted to share just a couple of messages and notes from the community and one more from coach Edenburn who really cares about the kids he coaches on the Chieftain football team.

Jamie Fallis - Jeremy HisLaw Sr.Brad Edenburn,Shavonne Stepp,Lyndsie Steckelberg,Autumn FallisGideon SaulElijah Sazue, Melva, Mike, Mariah, Teresa VoiceNatalie Voice, Tony wright, Marlin Ross, JJ, Becki, Jesse Cole St John Sr.Gerald ZephierRonnette Renee KirkieLana Steele n cooks, Don Dolezal and transportation, Royce n maintenance...I want to publicly Thank you all from bottom of my heart on behalf of the Crow Creek Athletic dept for your hard work and dedication to our students!!!

Coach Edenburn after the loss to Lead-Deadwood: Hard to lose on the field. Even harder to watch your players get injured...and that much more difficult to see them carted off into an ambulance....but meeting them in a parking lot because they got out of the hospital and was walking...what a great feeling and sense of relief it was.

Tonight I am greatful that I got to see my player walking around after making a trip to the the Lead Deadwood player that was taken away in an ambulance I pray for a healthy return for you!

Alright, so check out the TD bomb during the Lead/Deadwood game:

Good luck to all the Lakota Nation participants this weekend:

Keep an eye on Rozee Drapeau and the Lady Chieftains: That serve though


Wanted to throw a little shout-out to Crow Creek freshman Rozee Drapeau. Believe this was in the Sep. 20 game against Crazy Horse, BUT, at one point Drapeau delivered 20 consecutive service-winners for the Lady Chieftains.


Keep an eye on Crow Creek in Pool A. Pine Ridge has the best record in that pool and they are the defending champions but
Lyndsie Steckelberg’s squad is 7-5 and winners of 5-of-7 including sweeping Stanley County in Ft. Pierre.

Keep an eye on Trevin McBride this weekend:

Crow Creek sophomore Trevin McBride is the defending Lakota Nation cross-country champion. Now, I know he hasn’t been running a lot, but I swear out of the corner of my eye I saw him destroy a JV field, think it was in Chamberlain.

Good luck to all the Chieftain and Lady Chieftain athletes this weekend and the parents, fans and community that all pitch in when times get TUFF.